InfoRad Text Messaging When a failure to communicate is not an option.

NOTE: New in version 10.4 and above, an additional service option for text messaging has been added.

In addition to previously supported Cellular Enterprise Messaging / Business Messaging and SMTP Messaging services, InfoRad Messaging Software now supports text messaging via InfoRad Messaging Gateway Service. InfoRad Messaging Gateway Service can be used for sending text messages to any cell phone, alphanumeric pager, or other wireless enabled device.

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InfoRad Wireless SMTP Messaging Service Setup

NOTE: Text Messaging to Cell Phones via SMTP(email) is no longer recommended. Cell carriers filter 'email-to-text' messages, and in many cases messages are delayed (from 10 minutes and up to 48 hours) or discarded as SPAM or for violating the carrier policies. Please see information on the InfoRad Messaging Gateway for reliable cell phone text messaging. InfoRad Messaging Gateway Information.

If you still desire to send text messages to cellular phones using email services (your carrier has white listed you or you have carrier Enterprise Messaging services utilizing Internet email), see below information on SMTP Messaging Service Setup. 

We recommend that you use your own outgoing email server as a Messaging Service (NOT the cell carrier domain email server settings).

 If you do not have service with a supported InfoRad Messaging Gateway Service or Enterprise Messaging / Business Messaging service from your cell phone carrier, but wish to send messages via the internet, you will need to set up your outgoing email server (network, ISP, or third-party email server) as a Messaging Service in InfoRad Wireless.

Without “Enterprise” services, you are limited to dial-up TAP and “consumer-grade” SMTP. Consumer-grade SMTP may have limited accessibility and capability.

While SMTP (email) messaging can be reliable, it is not recommended for emergency or critical messaging.

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SMTP Messaging Service Setup:

FIRST, make sure that under the Setup Menu | Internet Settings | Other tab you have an email address entered in the Reply-To Address field. (Edit Menu in Controller for Enterprise SV / Watch-IT ASCII SV.)

In the Enterprise or Enterprise SV the Reply-To Address can be set on the Server and/or the Clients. (If there is no Client Reply-To Address set, then the Server Reply-To Address will be used.) The Client Reply-To Address field found in the Setup Menu - Preferences.

(In older versions the Reply-To field is found in the “Email/SMTP” tab or the “ReplyTO” tab.)

NOTE: Without an email address in the Reply-To Address field, some SMTP email servers may reject the message, and the cell phone carriers may either delay the message by processing through further SPAM detection filters (delay may be from minutes up to 12 hours) or simply may not forward the message to the phone.

Reply-To screen

The subject line is optional, unless your email server requires a specific entry to allow sending.

NEXT: You can get your outgoing email server settings from your email client software (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.). Enter your outgoing mail server settings in a new Messaging Service (including alternate port number, Authentication and SSL settings if required), and then assign your Receiver(s) (in Edit Menu | Receivers) to use this new Messaging Service. The Receiver Setup should use the email address of the device for the Receiver ID.

Some common cell phone provider email address formats:

US Cellular:

You can see more service providers' email address formats at:

Many ISP mail servers are also preprogrammed into the installed database. Also, our website shows many setup examples for Internet Service Providers outgoing mail servers at the same link above.

You can use this new Messaging Service (using your outgoing email service) to send to any email address. Many cell phones, pagers, and other wireless devices are accessible in this way. 

Please note when using an internal mail server like Exchange, Lotus, or GroupWise that Relay permission is typically turned off for SPAM prevention purposes. Your email server administrator will need to grant Relay permissions to  the machine running the InfoRad server (in the case of Enterprise or Watch-IT products), or to the machine(s) running the InfoRad desktop application. Email servers that do not have Relay permissions set will typically respond with a 6203 error, and/or error statements such as “Relay not allowed” or “Invalid address”.

 Below is a generic SMTP setup and associated screen shots. An example SMTP setup using Google Gmail follows.

Create the SMTP Messaging Service:

Edit menu | Messaging Services | New (or select existing from list and open to edit)

Name:  Your Outgoing Mail Server (set to your desired name)
Max Message Length: 160
Send Messages via: internet email (SMTP)
Email Server: your email server address EX: (can also be IP address)
Port number: 25 (change if required - typical 25, 587, 465)
Server requires SSL – secured connection: select if required
SMTP Authentication:
Outgoing mail server requires authentication: select if required
Account name: enter your email address
Password: enter your email account password

Your Outgoing Mail Server - SMTP Setup

 Receiver Setup:

Name: name of person (or as desired to identify Receiver)
Receiver's ID or E-mail address: phone email address (or email address)
Messaging Service: select your outgoing mail server you created

SMTP Receiver setup


Example using Google Gmail:

Edit or create the Google Gmail Messaging Service:

Edit menu | Messaging Services | New (or select Google Gmail from list and open to edit)

Name:  Google Gmail– Secure SMTP
Max Message Length: 160
Send Messages via: internet email (SMTP)
Email Server:
Port number: 465
Server requires SSL – secured connection: selected (checked)
SMTP Authentication:
Outgoing mail server requires authentication: selected (checked)
Account name: enter your Gmail address
Password: enter your Gmail account password

Google Gmail setup




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