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InfoRad is a leader in providing wireless messaging solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions from an entry-level personal messaging application (Wireless Office) to industrial strength solutions which allow hundreds of network users to do wireless messaging (Enterprise Messaging server) or automated wireless messaging (Watch-IT).

Serving Instant Information Needs
InfoRad Products are used in a wide variety of industries and markets. Since 1983 we have been developing wireless messaging solutions. Here are some examples that show how InfoRad Instant Information solutions have helped organizations solve their wireless messaging needs:

Public Safety Customer Service Industry Application Integration Health Care

Products and Services
Our current  products fall into mine different categories:

  • Messaging: InfoRad® Wireless eText, Office, Pro, AlphaPage® First Responder, and Enterprise software suite is a reliable and robust solution for text messaging to wireless receivers. The AlphaPage®  WT2005 messaging unit is a complete on-site hardware system which also interfaces with the InfoRad Wireless Software Suite.
  • Monitoring: InfoRad Watch-IT™ monitoring applications turn wireless messaging receivers into monitoring devices for critical applications.
  • Email-Connect™ Wireless Gateway: Email-Connect™ Wireless Gateway is a powerful front end software solution that will process incoming email messages directly through the InfoRad Wireless Enterprise SV-10 or InfoRad Watch-IT ASCII SV messaging software.
  • Wireless Web: InfoRad® Wireless Web is a browser based messaging client that  provides seamless messaging to all your wireless devices through the proven InfoRad Wireless Enterprise SV-10 or Watch-IT ASCII SV messaging gateway
  • Remote Control: NEW AlphaCast® RC4 Wireless Remote Control and Reboot product.
  • Broadcast Alerting: NEW AlphaCast® Alert products.
  • Enterprise Integration: The InfoRad family of partner products provides wireless functionality for enterprise software applications. For custom solutions, please contact InfoRad Sales .
  • Wireless LED Signs:  InfoRad Wireless LED Signs can provide remote personnel and public notification.
  • On-Site Paging:  InfoRad AlphaPage® On-Site Paging products provide reliable and cost effective on-site / campus messaging systems for commercial and industrial businesses, public safety and healthcare facilities. On-site paging systems provide local coverage with instantaneous paging and can integrate with wide-area systems. 
  • GPS Tracking:  InfoRad GPS Tracking™ products provide piece of mind and security whether it is knowing where your loved ones are, or tracking assets, equipment, or shipments.

Click here for a feature comparison list for the InfoRad Wireless Messaging Software Desktop products.


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