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InfoRad, Inc. develops a number of messaging solutions designed to meet the needs of anyone who has the need to dispatch text messages, ranging from personal home use to Fortune 100 companies.  

Desktop Solutions    Network Solutions   Automated Solutions 

Desktop Solutions (licensed per workstation):

eText -- The InfoRad eText is our entry level product but don't let that fool you, it's priced for those who need to do personal messaging from the home but powerful enough for use in the office. If you need to do reliable real-time messaging over the Internet from a single workstation the InfoRad eText is for you.

Wireless Office -- The Wireless Office adds the ability to send pages via a modem to the InfoRad eText, making it the  ideal solution for those without Internet access, or those who need to have more options for message dispatch from the home or office.

Wireless Pro -- Designed with the busy professional in mind, the Wireless Pro is typically used by businesses ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Professional Answering Services, and everything in between. With added features like expanded group size, a Spell Checker and our Advanced Message Scheduler, the Wireless Pro takes the Wireless Office to the next level.

Wireless Pro Messenger -- InfoRad Wireless Pro Messenger has Wireless Pro feature set but simplifies setup by supporting only the InfoRad Messaging Gateway Services that provides for a single Messaging Service for all wireless messaging providers - cell phones, pagers, wireless enabled devices.

AlphaPage® First Responder -- The top of the line single-workstation solution from the people who brought you the first AlphaPage® software messaging solution in 1985. First Responder adds advanced features like user-defined message templates and built in redundancy with our robust Route on Failure option, making it a perfect fit for Police/Fire/EMS and first responders in all fields. If the message is important AlphaPage® First Responder is the solution for you.

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Network Solutions:

Wireless Enterprise iNet -- Our entry level network messaging solution. If you're looking for a reliable dispatch solution that can be shared across your small network, using real-time Internet protocols for dispatching, the Enterprise iNet is for you. It's ease of maintenance with one shared address book makes the Enterprise iNet perfect for small businesses needing multiple dispatch points. The Enterprise iNet is very popular with Real Estate offices.

Wireless Enterprise -- Our top of the line network solution. The Enterprise shares the same advanced feature set as the AlphaPage® First Responder, along with the benefit of sharing data across unlimited seats on your network, making it a great fit for hospitals and large offices, as well as State and local governments.

Wireless Enterprise SV -- Designed to run as a service on supported MS Windows® platforms, the Enterprise SV shares the same feature set as the standard Enterprise, with the additional security benefits gained from running the dispatch server as an automated service under Windows®.

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Automated messaging solutions:

Watch-IT ASCII -- Designed to integrate with third party applications to perform "file-base" automated messaging. Let your imagination run wild, if you can capture data and save it to a file Watch-IT ASCII can send it to a wireless device. Watch-IT ASCII is heavily used in the HVAC industry, as well as other service businesses, for automatically dispatching work orders to on-the-go people in the field.

Watch-IT ASCII SV -- All the same features as the Watch-IT ASCII with the added ability to run as a service on supported MS Windows® platforms.

Watch-IT Serial -- Industrial strength monitoring/dispatch software. Watch-IT Serial monitors a serial port for user defined data and automatically dispatches messages to wireless devices when defined alarm codes are captured. Popular with companies using SCADA systems, as well as anyone who has remote hardware they need to monitor.

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