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Wireless LED Signs

InfoRad AS110 Alpha Sign - paging based wireless LED sign (2 feet)

InfoRad AS120 Alpha Sign - paging based wireless LED sign (4 feet)

InfoRad wireless LED signs are compatible with local and wide area paging systems.  Send messages to display on the wireless LED signs from InfoRad Messaging Software products. Wireless LED signs are “attention getting” and work well for emergency notification or any situation where high visibility and readability are a necessity. 

Use InfoRad’s AlphaPage First Responder software’s powerful scheduler to send messages at predetermined times, or use InfoRad Watch-IT software to display and notify of alarm conditions.  Take advantage also of InfoRad’s message template or preprogrammed message options, which simplifies entry of repeat message information.  Plus more! 

For on-site / campus messaging to the InfoRad wireless LED signs simply attach InfoRad’s TX125EN transmitter / encoder  to your computer via your serial port.  In seconds you can be messaging to your InfoRad wireless LED signs from your PC using InfoRad software solutions.

Local coverage when using the InfoRad TX125EN transmitter is excellent but will vary based on topography, building density, and antenna / device location.  Please review the application with your InfoRad sales director.



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