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InfoRad Wireless Enterprise iNet™



Concurrent licensing Install on any number of client workstations.
Utilizes Watch-IT ASCII technology Can send automated messages from any data source.
Unlimited Receiver Database Built-in database designed with room to grow.
Internet Texting / Paging - WCTP, SNPP, SMTP and NEW InfoRad Messaging  Gateway Fast message deliver to your messaging provider using your Internet connection. (Dial-up Internet connection also supported.)
Secure Messaging  SSL/TLS (https) Encrypted connection to WCTP and InfoRad Messaging Gateways (where supported). SSL/TLS Encrypted connection to SMTP outgoing mail servers (where supported).
Centralized message dispatch. Clients do not require outside connection.
Client Tracking / Security option Know the origination of Client messages
Scheduled Messaging Send reminders or preset messages.
Message Log Keep a record of all communications.
Setup Wizards Simplified setup and greater ease of use.
Group Paging Send a message to many people all at once.
Spell Checker Check and correct messages before sending.
Advanced Scheduler Schedule recurring daily, weekly, monthly messages/reminders.
AlphaCare™ Extended Support Services World-class technical support.
Enterprise available Adds greater Client License capability, Dial-up TAP  and Direct Connect capabilities, NEW Route on Failure, and NEW Message Templates.
Enterprise SV available Enterprise SV server runs as a Windows Service.
Remote Administration
InfoRad® Wireless Enterprise iNet

Low cost, reduced capability Wireless Enterprise. Available in 2 and 3 Concurrent Client license only. Enterprise iNet supports Internet messaging only. Dial-up (TAP) messaging is not supported. InfoRad Wireless Enterprise iNet is a wireless application for local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) or for networks that require message polling or central processing of alphanumeric messages. InfoRad Wireless Enterprise is provided with a Microsoft Windows client module for the local area network stations.

Send messages over the Internet (via modem or network connection) directly to your Messaging Services Internet Gateway (SNPP/WCTP/SMTP(email) and NEW InfoRad Messaging Gateway). Secure Messaging via WCTP/SMTP/InfoRad Messaging Gateway.

The messaging server portion of the InfoRad Wireless Enterprise iNet uses the similar technology as the InfoRad Watch-IT ASCII™. Therefore, message files may be generated by both the client software and other network applications making InfoRad Wireless Enterprise iNet a multi-function messaging platform.

Includes the Spell Checker (check and correct messages before sending) and the Advanced Scheduler - (schedule recurring daily, weekly, monthly messages/reminders).

InfoRad Wireless Enterprise available - Enterprise  adds greater Client License capability, Dial-up TAP and Direct Serial Connect capabilities, Route on Failure and Message Templates features.

InfoRad Wireless Enterprise SV available - Enterprise SV Server runs as a Windows Service. Remote Administration.

Windows® XP through Windows® 10
Windows® Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019

(32 & 64 bit)

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