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SPF - Sender Policy Framework

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email-validation system designed to detect email spoofing by providing a procedure to allow receiving mail exchanges to check that the incoming mail from a domain comes from an   authorized host or location as defined by that domain's administrators.

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SPF errors in InfoRad

 SPF errors will typically return a  6203 error.

In Enterprise SV or Watch-IT ASCII SV you will need to turn on diagnostic logging in Internet Settings to see the text of the error. (Controller application - Edit Menu - Internet Settings - Keep a log of internet activity.... The log will be placed in the ProgramData folder: "inetlog.txt"

Example notice returned by Verizon (

Your email message has been rejected by our mail server due to an SPF From failure. Your SPF records may not properly configured or updated. Please ensure your published SPF records include the IP Address of any sending servers for your domain. Additionally, your server host name may not match up with the domain from which your server is originating mail. Make sure the from address has a vaild SPF record that covers your servers. You can view the proper SPF record syntax here:

Please contact the system administrator responsible for your email systems and supply them with your original email and they should be able to determine the appropriate corrective action to allow your email messages to be delivered.

Updating your domain SPF record

Contact your IS/IT administrator so that they can create or update records in your domain account (DNS) to resolve the issue. For more information see:

Hint: If SPF record appears to be up to date, try adding the public IP address of your network or the InfoRad server to the domain SPF record. On the InfoRad server or system go to or to find your public IP address.

Alternate internet options for text messaging supported by InfoRad software

SPF errors are a result of sending text messages utilizing email / SMTP. Besides SPF issues, email has other issues that may not be the optimum method for sending your text messages, especially if they are time critical or emergency messages.

InfoRad supports multiple alternate internet protocols for sending text messages besides email/SMTP. If your messaging provider or carrier has an SNPP or WCTP gateway, InfoRad software can use those. The major cellular carriers support SNPP/WCTP via their Enterprise Messaging or Business Messaging services. InfoRad software v10.4.0 and later also supports InfoRad Wireless Gateway Servies that provides for a single Messaging Service in the software to send to most paging and cellular carriers.

See the links below for more information on Enterprise Messaging and supported SMS Providers.

Text Messaging to Cell Phones using InfoRad Messaging Gateway services
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Text Messaging to Cell Phones using Enterprise Messaging services
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