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As of 7/23/15 Verizon Wireless has migrated their Enterprise Messaging Access Gateway (EMAG) to a new upgraded platform.

As a result of the migration, the server addresses for the EMAG SNPP and WCTP gateways have changed, and for those utilizing EMAG SMTP/email, the email format for the phones has changed.

(NOTE: This does NOT affect customers utilizing the public email gateway (

If utilizing EMAG services with InfoRad Wireless Software, please update the server addresses for SNPP and / or WCTP (and WCTP Secure) in Messaging Services, and if using SMTP/email update the Receiver email addresses.

If using SNPP: change server address to: 
  (port 444 or 7777)

If using WCTP: change server address to: (port 80)

If using WCTP Secure: change server address to:  (port 443)  

If using SMTP/email: change receiver email address format from:

See Verizon's EMAG web page for more information:

From the web page:

Please Note: If Firewalls have to be opened on your end for outgoing traffic or incoming traffic, please open the firewall rules for the IP listed alongside the Protocol you are using and the outbound IP listed in the reference materials provided in the link. Customers should add BOTH locations to their firewall rules.

EMAG Document:

New IP addresses for EMAG gateways from the above document: 

SNPP 69.78. 159.219 port 444, 7777

WCTP 69.78. 159.219 port 80,443

SNPP 69.78. 95.228 port 444, 7777

WCTP 69.78. 95.228 port 80,443



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