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As of 7/23/15 Verizon Wireless has migrated their Enterprise Messaging Access Gateway (EMAG) to a new upgraded platform.

As a result of the migration, the server addresses for the EMAG SNPP and WCTP gateways have changed, and for those utilizing EMAG SMTP/email, the email format for the phones has changed.

(NOTE: This does NOT affect customers utilizing the public email gateway (

If utilizing EMAG services with InfoRad Wireless Software, please update the server addresses for SNPP and / or WCTP (and WCTP Secure) in Messaging Services, and if using SMTP/email update the Receiver email addresses.

If using SNPP: change server address to: 
  (port 444 or 7777)

If using WCTP: change server address to: (port 80)

If using WCTP Secure: change server address to:  (port 443)  

If using SMTP/email: change receiver email address format from:

See Verizon's EMAG web page for more information:


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