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San Diego Lifeguards have been using InfoRad First Responder for pagers for several years. In 2016 we upgraded to include texting capabilities (InfoRad Messaging Gateway service). Service has been excellent!

Any Lerum
Marine Safely Lieutenant
City of San Diego
Fire-Rescue Department

We have been using InfoRad  - in a Hospital setting - since 2008. When sending Code Alerts it is critical that Pages and Text Messages are received in a timely manner.

We began having issues with recipients, who wanted to use their cell phones -- encountering carriers, blocking our alerts; labeling them as spam. 

Once we added the InfoRad Messaging Gateway service -- our messages were enabled to reach all receivers. InfoRad support was there to give us options and allow us a trial period to make sure this was effective for all the different cell phone carriers. It was so easy to install and when we need help with tweaking the settings InfoRad support was able to assist. Now our staff can use the device of their choice, and we can accommodate them.

Joan Preston
St. Mary's Regional Medical Center

Nashua, New Hampshire

I have been very pleased with the AlphaPage® First Responder.  It was the only program that worked well with Windows Vista and was very easy to set up.  I immediately purchased the software and am still quite pleased with it.  Thanks.

Jack B Davidoff, MD, BCEM, BCDM, EMT-P

We have used the InfoRad Wireless Enterprise software for at least 8 years and have been very happy with the reliability and robustness.

Tony Fernandes
American Medical Response
Modesto, California

… we recently purchased several copies of the InfoRad Wireless Pro software for our paging needs here in the Cincinnati Police/Fire 911 Communications Center.   Prior to that, for the last three years, we have been using the InfoRad v8.0 (AlphaPage®)...  Even though the older product has been very reliable, the new Wireless Pro software offers many additional advantages.  First of all, the speed at which multiple pages is handled is fantastic.  Processing time for mission critical notifications has been cut in half.  Also, the expanded group feature that allows up to 500 members in a group, has worked great for our SWAT Call-ups, Situational Occurrence Notifies and Fire Extra Alarm All Calls.

Barry Whitton
Technical Supervisor
Cincinnati Police/Fire Communications Section
Cincinnati, Ohio 

….Getting information to management of outages, injuries, threatening weather or special media events was a time consuming chore.  …With the InfoRad Wireless Enterprise program …we developed groups for different events, we select the group and send a (preprogrammed) semi detailed text message to one or thirty people with just a few keystrokes.   … This is truly a software program that has paid for itself.

Terry Villani
Distribution Operator

At Tow 4 Less we use InfoRad for most all of our 1 way and 2 way messaging needs.  Integrating our existing database to create a text file and send it as a page has proven extremely useful and very easy to implement using the InfoRad Watch-IT ASCII.  I would not even attempt to write a program that emulates InfoRad's products.  The product has proven itself to be stable, reliable and robust. 

Kirk Connot
Tow 4 Less
Phoenix, Arizona 

We are currently using InfoRad Enterprise SV for paging of hospital staff. We have routine groups for service like our IS service department. We also have emergency groups like Trauma, OB/GYN, and are planning to utilize the system for Code Blue team calls

Bill Noland
Scott White Memorial Hospital
Temple, Texas  

We use InfoRad Wireless Enterprise at our fire district headquarters on a daily basis for non-urgent & urgent paging needs to support our 24/7 fire & emergency services. The InfoRad Wireless Enterprise works flawlessly day in and day out without a problem whatsoever. In these modern days, there are many applications that seem to crash or have incompatibilities, but not with InfoRad, it just plain works!

Rod Conway, Deputy Fire Marshal
Keizer Fire District
Keizer, Oregon   

Jackson EMC is an electric utility located northeast of Atlanta, Georgia with four district offices in addition to our corporate office. We have approximately 150 pagers distributed throughout the entire company. We have elected to use the InfoRad Enterprise version of the paging software with 15 client licenses. This allows us to maintain one database at our corporate office for all our paging needs versus using individual copies of paging software and having to maintain the numerous databases, modems and phone lines. The software has been exceptionally error free, user friendly and performs well over the network.

Kenneth Brand
Jackson Electric Membership Corp.
Jefferson, Georgia

I recently ran the trial version of your Watch-IT ASCII software and was having some trouble integrating to our existing software for a dispatch system.  I spoke with Creighton Ryan in your technical support department and was pleased to find someone that was extremely knowledgeable on your product and also had a good general base of software knowledge.  Instead of simply stating that it was the other software’s fault and passing on the problem, Creighton worked with me to solve this problem.  This was before I had even purchased your software.

To make a long story short, I was so impressed with this service that I dropped the other two companies that I was looking at and asked to speak with someone in sales.  Creighton was the driving reason for this sale, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the service.  I would be happy to recommend this product and company to anyone that is in the market for a product like this.

Steve Brannan
Ken Smith Inc.
Charlotte, NC

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