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1. I have had my InfoRad software for over 90 Days, Why Do I Need AlphaCare™?

In an effort to ensure that you receive the best service possible, we offer the AlphaCare™ support/maintenance program. AlphaCare™ Support Services extends the products initial 90-Day support period to 1 Year. If you have had your InfoRad software for more than 90 Days, without AlphaCare™, you may not be entitled to tech support. AlphaCare™ Support Services includes Priority Tech Support and version point release updates during the AlphaCare™ Support period while providing commercial quality software and support, which is InfoRad's® pledge to all of our customers as we realize reliable wireless messaging is important to you. ( Get AlphaCare™ today! )

3. How to Get My InfoRad Software Back if I lose it

First, You will Need AlphaCare™ If you do not already have it. Otherwise, if you do have AlphaCare, you can Email Us Your Serial Number and Version (Show Me) so that we can create an account and send you a link from which you can download the InfoRad software. You can also call 1 (800) 228-8998 or email to have a CDROM sent to you. When downloading, we recommend that you save a copy of the download to a Floppy or CDROM so that if your computer crashes, you do not have to wait around on us to obtain another copy to reinstall.

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