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AlphaCare Program

Coverage Period: All InfoRad Wireless Messaging software comes with a standard AlphaCare Support program that covers Technical Support for 90-Days from the date of purchase.

Providing commercial quality software and support is the InfoRad pledge to all of our customers as we realize reliable wireless messaging is important to you.

In an effort to ensure you receive the best service possible, we offer the AlphaCare support/maintenance program.

Extended AlphaCare Support Services is available that extends the initial 90-days coverage to one-year, as well as offering Priority support and Version point release updates during the AlphaCare Support period  to keep you current with changing technologies.

If the optional Extended AlphaCare Support is not chosen a per-incident charge may apply for Technical Support Services after the initial 90-days support period has expired.

Extended AlphaCare Support Services can be renewed on a yearly basis to continue priority Technical Support and product updates.


Registered Users: InfoRad strongly urges you to register your InfoRad software. If you haven't registered your InfoRad software, please do so now. It's much easier to qualify your software under the AlphaCare Program if you register.



Contact the Sales Department for more information regarding the AlphaCare Program. Email InfoRad Sales


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