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Paging and the Internet

InfoRad Wireless Messaging Software Suite supports modem dial-up and leased-line connections as well as Internet Messaging Protocols, SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol), WCTP (Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol), SMTP (Email), carrier specific Enterprise/Business Messaging Gateways, 3rd party SMS (text messaging) gateways and, InfoRad Messaging Gateway - a single gateway for messaging to cell phones, alphanumeric pagers and wireless messaging enabled devices.

Other Considerations

Not only is a computer-based solution often more efficient and cost effective, it can also serve other functions besides basic text messaging. For example, the InfoRad Wireless Enterprise Client-Server package can also be used to automatically send network or third-party system alerts and warnings to the appropriate personnel's wireless receiver(s).

For more information please call us. If you have a specific application involved, we would be happy to handle the technical details. 


Market Manufacturing

Many of our users are in manufacturing and process industries. Our Watch-IT™ family of products is ideal as an early warning system for critical hardware and processes. Only with Watch-IT can users monitor both serial and parallel data.

Examples of applications include a major car manufacturing monitoring alerts from their paint booth equipment. See Industry Case Study 

Another application is using Watch-IT ASCII to report data from manufacturing control software. See Application Integration Case Study

Call us at 800.228.8998 or email InfoRad Sales to request more information or feel free to download one of the 30-Day Trial demos.



Two Way Paging with the WCTP Protocol

One of the exciting new features of the WCTP protocol is the ability to embed a return email address into every page. This allows anyone with a two way receiver to reply to the page and send an email back to the original sender, or to another two way device. 



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