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InfoRad Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of software and hardware solutions that communicate with PCS phones, alphanumeric paging receivers, PDA's and other wireless receiver technologies. InfoRad products seamlessly combine wireless data, computer telephony, and Internet technologies to provide our customers a highly reliable and cost effective communication solution with today's handheld devices.

AlphaCare™ extended support plans provide our customers the very best in post product sales services.

Our customer testimonials are a tribute to the many people who contributed to focus groups to make InfoRad products and services a cornerstone within the wireless industry.

Founded in 1985, InfoRad evolved from Information Radio Technology Inc., which was a subsidiary of Fitzgerald Telecommunications Inc., a turnkey communications systems integrator founded in 1933. Initial products released in 1984 were the ACR2000 and ACR2001 hardware devices based on the NEC / Kyocera 8201 and 8300 laptop computer that would send text messages to alphanumeric pagers.

Products and Services

Our current  products fall into several different categories:

  • Messaging: InfoRad® Wireless eText, Office, Pro, AlphaPage® First Responder, and Enterprise software suite is a reliable and robust solution for text messaging to wireless receivers.
  • Monitoring: InfoRad Watch-IT™ monitoring applications turn wireless messaging receivers into monitoring devices for critical applications.
  • Campus System Technology: InfoRad® Campus System Technology provides reliable cost effective campus centric and wide-area messaging, alerting and monitoring for educational, commercial / industrial, public safety and healthcare facilities. (Campus System diagram pdf). Implementation of InfoRad's IP based software and hardware system control technology provides robust local coverage that seamlessly integrates with today's wide-area commercial and public safety (FirstNet) messaging platforms. 
  • Remote Control: NEW AlphaCast® RC4 Wireless Remote Control and Reboot product.
  • Broadcast Alerting: NEW AlphaCast® Alert products.
  • Enterprise Integration: The InfoRad family of partner products provides wireless functionality for enterprise software applications. For custom solutions, please contact InfoRad Sales .
  • Wireless LED Signs:  InfoRad Wireless LED Signs can provide remote personnel and public notification.
  • On-Site Paging:  InfoRad AlphaPage® On-Site Paging products provide reliable and cost effective on-site / campus messaging systems for commercial and industrial businesses, public safety and healthcare facilities. On-site paging systems provide local coverage with instantaneous paging and can integrate with wide-area systems. 
  • GPS Tracking:  InfoRad GPS Tracking™ products provide piece of mind and security whether it is knowing where your loved ones are, or tracking assets, equipment, or shipments.


Market Example
Medical Hospital, Clinic, Home Healthcare, Veterinarian
Telemetry/Control/Monitoring HVAC, Building Controls, Industrial Controls
Security/Alarm Fire/Security Alarm, Access control
Public Safety Police, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management, Homeland Security
Vending Basic messaging, remote control, diagnostics
Customer Service National / regional delivery, retail delivery, newspaper delivery
LAN/Data Center Server management, diagnostics, remote control
SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) Basic messaging, E-mail, Internet
Applications Development / Integration SDK/ services for developers

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