the Options button



Attach a Signature to each message


OK, but where do I add or change the signature?

  • Click Setup
  • Click Preferences



Predefined Messages

Another place to add, edit or delete your Predefined Messages



Previously Sent Messages


Message Templates

Rounded Rectangular Callout: InfoRad provides InfoRad users with a preset list of Templates to choose from. However, you can also build your own Message Templates! Click here to learn how!


Scheduled Messages

Step 1 Click to select the Receiver(s) or Group(s) to which the scheduled message is to be sent

Step 2 Type in the Message or select from a Predefined or Previously sent message

Step 3 Click the Options button and select Schedule message

Step 4 Adjust the time, occurrence, and date accordingly and Click OK


You can View, Edit, and Delete Scheduled Messages under List, Scheduled Message


Select the Scheduled Message and click the appropriate action: Edit Schedule, Edit Message, Delete Selected, or Delete All


Schedule Message - Allows you to edit the schedule


Edit Scheduled Message - Allows you to edit the message itself


Queueing Messages - helpful for sending many messages at once

Sending to Unlisted Receivers - send a quick page to a Receiver that is not already listed