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1. I'm having Problems using my Internet Service Provider's (or ISP's) email server, I cannot send text messages to cell phones using the list of Messaging Services, what else can I do?

InfoRad software supports SMTP connections to any SMTP server. Therefore, one option may be to try using some other 3rd party SMTP server, such as Auth SMTP.
InfoRad also supports SSL connections to SMTP servers, including Google.


2. Google Secure GMail Server - Email SMTP (ISP)

Messaging Service: : 465

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3. (6203) Network Error: Host returned error code

This is a popular error among InfoRad users who are sending text messages to cell phones via Internet email. Continue Reading If you are sending text messages via Internet SMTP or email. Otherwise, Refer to SNPP Below.
  • The most common occurrence is InfoRad users that are connecting directly to cellular company email servers (Ie. Verizon's Therefore, we recommend that you either setup the InfoRad software to use your own outgoing email (SMTP) server or use some other 3rd party, commercial email server that you can depend on (Like maybe Google's Secure SMTP Server).

  • Another common occurrence is caused by an Internet Service Provider or network that does not allow you to connect to email servers outside of their own domain. We recommend that you first try using the email server provided by your Internet Service Provider. Click Here to view InfoRad's list of ISPs. If you use Outlook, then you may find this information in Outlook normally under Tools, Services (Outlook 2000) or Tools, Email Accounts (Newer). You would need to know your outgoing email (SMTP) server address and whether or not it requires authentication. Once you have that information, for any Receiver that uses an email address for the Receiver's ID, you can enter a New Messaging Service using the email server information you obtained from above (ShowMe).

  • Some Cases show that the connection to the email server is being blocked by some firewall or antivirus software. If you are familiar with configuring your antivirus or firewall software, then add an exception for the InfoRad software (normally, Winpage.exe is the executable and port 25 for SMTP). An alternative is to try disabling the antivirus software from scanning outgoing email. However, you may want to keep it scanning your incoming email. Sometimes, there is a website url in the response coming back from the hardware (in the error message itself) that provides you with a link to which you can browse and have yourself removed from the Spam blocking list. If this is the case, then we would caution you to investigate this issue further before you find yourself on this list again and not be able to have yourself removed from it. Check with your local Internet Service Provider and/or antivirus software to find out what their rules are concerning Spam. You may have to follow these rules to prevent yourself from ending up on such a list.

  • Sometimes an email server will tell you that the email address you entered is incorrect. For instance, setup a Receiver to send to and select Verizon PCS – Internet SMTP for the Service (make sure that you also have your own email address entered under Setup, Internet Settings, ReplyTo Address). Send a test text message and you’ll get error 6203 indicating that is not a valid Verizon (vtext) email address. To fix, correct the email address and try again.

  • One instance can be caused by not having a ReplyTo Email Address entered under Setup, Internet Settings. (Show Me)

  • Other cases have shown that an this error can occur when an email server (Messaging Service) requires authentication but either the InfoRad Wireless software does not have SMTP Authentication enabled or an incorrect username and password is entered (under Edit, Messaging Services for version 9.7.X and higher. Version 9.6.X does not support SMTP Authentication. You will need to upgrade your software. Call (800) 228-8998 for upgrade options).

  • 7/17/07 - A Customer was receiving error 6203 when using own exchange server as a Messaging Service to send to cell phone emails. The Response from the email server showed WSAEWOULDBLOCK, which is a Windows Sockets Error 10035 according to Microsoft ( Refer to ). To fix, the customer changed from using the loopback address ( to the network IP of the exchange server.

  • 11/27/07 - Make sure you check that the Messaging Service is setup correctly. This is what happened when I had the wrong SMTP Server Address entered for the Messaging Service (it should have been instead of The Receiver ID, of course, is I received error 6203 and the Response from hardware (in the error message) showed the following:

    VerifySmtpConnection: Checking connectivity to SMTP server smtp_host: smtp_port: 25 WaitForData timed out. Failed to get initial response. The SMTP server may be denying access for this domain.

    Another clue indicating that you may have the Messaging Service setup incorrectly can be found in the Response from hardware (in the error message). It is similar to the following:

    SendEmail: SMTP_Connect: Connecting to SMTP server smtp_host: smtp_port: 25 smtp_user: NULL trying_auth_method: NONE InitialResponse: ESMTP Exim 3.36 #1 Tue, 27 Nov 2007 08:58:54 -0500220-NO UCE. EarthLink does not authorize the use of its computers or network220 equipment to deliver, accept, transmit, or distribute unsolicited e-mail. login_method: NONE or already authenticated CONNECTED to ESMTP server subject: from: recipients: 550 Authentication required. Help at Failed when sending RCPT TO: bad_address: Send failed.

    Therefore, to fix you would go under Edit, Messaging Services, and edit the Messaging Service being used for that Receiver(s). Check the box for "My server requires authtentication" and enter a valid email address and password.
If you're sending via the Internet SNPP (supported by Nextel or Alltel phones and numerous paging companies - ShowMe), then it could be that you have an incorrect Receiver ID entered. Make sure that you are using the ten-digit phone number of the pager or cell phone. Do not use dashes, spaces, or parentheses. When this error happens, the explanation text sent by the SNPP server will be included on the error screen along with this error message. That explanation should provide more detail on why the transaction failed. The explanation might be, for example, "550 Error, pager ID must be 10 digits" or "550 Error, pager ID cannot be identified" and so on.
  • Click Edit, Receivers and make sure you have the correct seven or ten-digit phone number entered. Do not use dashes, spaces, or parentheses.

4. List of Top Three Errors Received by InfoRad Customers
#1 Problem occurs when sending text messages to cellular phones. Error is normally some 6XXX (Ie. 6203, 6002, etc). While InfoRad provides a preset list of Messaging Services to choose from for sending text messages to cell phones (Ie. ALLTEL PCS - Internet SMTP, Cingular - SMTP, and Verizon PCS - Internet SMTP, etc), this does not guarantee successful paging. In fact, you may receive one of the error messages as indicated above. So how can you fix this error? First of all, we recommend that you try using your own Internet Service Provider's email server if possible. Again, we have a preset list of some popular ISP Messaging Services to choose from, such as AOL, Comcast, Charter, etc. Search our Customer Help Center for more information. Using your own ISP's email server, you can send text messages to any email address, which includes email addresses of the popular cell phone companies. For instance, if you're an AOL customer, you setup the InfoRad software to use AOL's email server (for the Messaging Service) to send text messages to various cells using the correct email address of the cell phone - for Verizon, for Cingular, etc.

Another successful way of sending text messages that InfoRad also supports is connecting to an email server over a secure connection (SSL), such as Google's GMail Server. Again, search our Customer Help Center for more information. You would follow the same suit, setting up the software to use Google's GMail server (as the Messaging Service) to send text messages to the various cell phones.

The last way (or last resort) would be to try connecting directly to the cellular company's email server. We do not necessarily recommend setting up the software in this fashion because of the problems with Spam (which can be one of the errors above - error 6002, 6203, or other). Therefore, you may want to refer to your Internet Service Provider's rules regarding Spam and/or any antivirus software you may have running locally on your computer. Both of these may stop you from sending text messages via email.

#2 Problem is setting up the software "correctly" to send text messages to cell phones (or email addresses) to send text messages via the Internet. Many InfoRad customers do not know that if you're sending text messages to Verizon phones, for instance, you would need to enter the and select Verizon PCS - Internet SMTP as the Messaging Service. It may also be important to enter some ReplyTo Email Address under Setup, Internet Settings, Other tab. However, if error 6203 or 6002 occur, then you may try setting up the software to use the email server hosted from your ISP (as directed above). Refer to our Customer Help Center for more information.

#3 Problem occurs when installing / setting up the InfoRad Enterprise paging software. The installation is quite simple, but there are some important key points to know:

  • Enterprise SV customers have 2 setup executables to run - (If CDROM) CNTSetup, Setup; (If WebDownload) Downloaded file like IW_Enterprise_v10.2.2.exe, Controller Setup.exe from within Enterprise SV Service folder

  • For both the Enterprise and Enterprise SV customers, you need to share the Enterprise folder to network users who will be running the Client. Enterprise customers need to share out the Wireless Enterprise folder (not Wireless Enterprise Settings) and Enterprise SV customers need to share out the InfoRad Enterprise SV Service folder. Make sure to allow full control permissions to all users (including Domain Users if required). Client applications out in the network will need to write to the License.irt file. If you receive an error where the Clients cannot obtain the license, then check your permissions again.

  • Lastly, there are various ways to configure your Enterprise software. Send us an email if you have any further problems or refer to our Customer Help Center

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