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1. Enterprise and Enterprise SV

Refer to the InfoRad Wireless Enterprise Online User's Manuals:

  • What You Need To Get Started (PDF, 140 pgs total)
  • System RequirementsInfoRad Enterprise SV Controller
  • Features
  • Installation - Overview and Security | Enterprise | Enterprise SV

  • Conceptual Drawings (Excel, approx. 3 Wkshts)
  • Setting up a 2nd Controller
    Note: Follow the 2nd Controller Setup instructions to overcome the Overlapped I/O Error. Setting up a 2nd Controller on a PC will allow the user to not have administrative rights to the Server PC. (Word, approx. 2 pgs)

    You can also try Tech Support's Word documents for:
  • Enterprise SV Installation (Word, approx. 2 pgs)
  • Enterprise SV Upgrade (Word, approx. 2 pgs)
  • Enterprise SV Upgrade to a New Server (Word, approx. 4 pgs)
  • Enterprise Installation (Word, approx. 3 pgs)
  • Enterprise Upgrade (Word, approx. 2 pgs)
  • Enterprise Upgrade to a New Server (Word, approx. 5 pgs)

  • ErrorHandling

    2. (4001) AFP error: Name does not exist in pager or group list

    The AFP was able to read an ASCII file, but the word or words interpreted as the name of a pager or a group of pagers did not match any pager or pager group in the InfoRad Wireless software database. Check for correct spelling of the name or group name in InfoRad Wireless software or in the application generating the message (Refer to the Enterprise User's Manual). Remove any excess spaces in the name in InfoRad Wireless software.

    This has also been a problem for some customers when a read-only attribute was set to one of the database files (Ie. Grouptab.irt). Make sure that none of the database IRT files (Usertab/Users.irt, Grouptab/Groups.irt, and Termtab/Services.irt) have a read-only attribute set or make sure that writing is allowed by the necessary Windows Users and/or Groups who use the InfoRad software.

    Another case (with Enterprise customers) is that the Client(s) may be looking at a database other than what the Controller is looking at. For instance, the Controller is looking at (or making changes to) a database at some location while the Clients (or maybe even some of the Clients) are looking at another location. Therefore, the changes made by the Controller may not be delivered to all Clients, which in turn, would cause this error.

    A similar case would be that the Service, which runs in the background, was not properly updated while all other software components, such as the Clients, were updated. In essence, what you would have is an older version of Service that has an older version of database running. The newer version of Clients would then send a message to the message directory (MSG folder) where the older Service would then pick up the message file for processing. It may then return a similar error if there is a mismatch between Receiver or Group names because the Client is again looking at a different database than what the Service has loaded. Therefore, make sure to stop the Service from running prior to upgrading. Actually, make sure to follow all steps as outlined in the Enterprise Upgrade Word document.

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