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1. American Messaging vs. Verizon

If you have an American Messaging pager setup in your InfoRad software and pages are sent without error but never get to the pager, then try selecting Verizon Paging - Internet SNPP.

2. Alternative Messaging Services - A Family Tree Approach

The following is a list of Alternative Messaging Services that you might be able to use within the InfoRad software:

USA Mobility Alternatives

American Messaging Alternatives

Verizon PCS - Internet SMTP (However, we do not necessarily recommend connecting directly to Verizon's email servers)

There are two email servers with Verizon - and They are interchangeable.

Verizon also supports Dialup TAP.

AT&T Wireless / Cingular PCS - Internet SMTP

There are various email addresses for AT&T Wireless / Cingular phones. Therefore, you may want to contact an AT&T Wireless representative for that particular cell phone if you are not certain. Otherwise, start at the top and work your way down:

AT&T Wireless / Cingular's Enterprise Paging for cell phones is a different plan and would use a different email address from the ones above:

However, AT&T Wireless / Cingular's Enterprise Paging also supports the Internet Paging Protocols - SNPP and WCTP - as well as Dialup TAP, unlike the standard text messaging email addresses listed above.


You can also refer to Brad Dye's website for a nice look at the Family Tree of Paging Companies.


3. Verizon Paging - Internet SMTP

Messaging Service: : 25
Receiver ID:

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4. Verizon Paging - Internet SNPP

Messaging Service: : 444
Receiver ID: 10-digit-pager-number

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5. Verizon Paging - Internet WCTP

Messaging Service: : 80
Receiver ID: 10-digit-pager-number

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