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Internet Connection


Rounded Rectangular Callout: Normally, the Internet Connection preset in the InfoRad Wireless software is sufficient. Unless you do not have a high speed Internet connection (DSL, Cable, etc), then you may leave this configuration "as is". Rounded Rectangular Callout: The HTTP Proxy Server authentication is only for use with the WCTP Internet Protocol. Click here for a list of WCTP Paging Companies. Rounded Rectangular Callout: Having this option checked is useful for troubleshooting. With this checked, whenever messages are sent via the Internet, information will be appended to a file called inetlog.txt which can be found in the working directory of the InfoRad software (normally C:\Program Files\InfoRad Wireless\).





























Rounded Rectangular Callout: Only Used for the Internet SNPP Protocol: Click here for a list.

If you are using a Telnet Proxy, enter the information here required for a Telnet Proxy connection. The example shown to the left uses Comtun software (Click here for more information about Comtun) as a Telnet Proxy. One thing that may not be very noticeable in the graphic to the left is: there is a space at the end of
"Hostname [port number]: "

Otherwise, the required information may vary - depending upon your Telnet Proxy server. Refer to your local network technicians if using a Telnet Proxy.

Telnet Proxy









ReplyTO Address



Rounded Rectangular Callout: A ReplyTo E-Mail Address is often required in order to get a text message to a wireless device. SPAM blocking software may not deliver the text message if there is not ReplyTo E-Mail Address. Although the message will appear to be sent successfully from InfoRad, the message may never be delivered from the Internet E-Mail server.